Some Big News



One step closer to adoption for my little girl. Only a couple more months or less!

Some big news….I am moving to Manila!

Kids International Ministries has gone through a lot of changes in the past few months which, in part, made it necessary to close the Children’s Home in Malaybalay on the same property of Paglaum Learning Center. This was a difficult decision but one that I think will be better for the children and for our ministry as a whole. Once I knew that it would be final that the home was closing, I started praying about what God wanted with me. I have become very involved with the care of the children in the home and have started to realize that God wants me involved in the care of orphans, especially these orphans who I have come to love. This made the decision to move and help in the Manila Children’s Home clear. My role in Manila will be working at our Children’s Home of 50 plus kids as the Home Life Manager. I’ll be in charge of staff development, program development for the kids like sports and arts, visiting teams and volunteer coordination, and whatever else comes up that I can help with. I have already been filling in this role part time these past couple weeks and so far I love it.


Fun day at Manila Ocean Park.

Pagalum Learning Center will continue to serve the families in Malaybalay with the help of some amazing Filipino friends who are very capable of operating the school day-to-day. I will continue to serve as director; my plan is to fly down to Malaybalay every month to have staff meetings, catch up with people and, of course, see the students.

These are all a lot of big changes for me and for those around me. Please pray for this transition for me as I move, for the kids from Malaybalay as they move to Manila in a month or so, for those accepting our kids in Manila, and for those in Malaybalay that have been our children’s family over the years from house parents, volunteers, friends, and all who care about our kids. Pray for a sense of peace and comfort for all during this process.