December 2016 Update

img_86302016 has been a very full year for Paglaum Learning Center. Since the last time I wrote a blog, a lot has been going on…I know it has been months since I last posted an update but my goal for 2016 is to be more diligent about updating my blog to share with all of you! I won’t call it a New Year’s resolution since that title for me seems like it is just set up for failure, so a goal seems like a more manageable term to accomplish.

Anyways, the school is doing great. We currently have 56 little kiddos in our Kindergarten and Preschool classes and they are all growing and learning so beautifully! It is so cool to be able to see the students mature and have deeper conversations with them. They are the funniest little humans and it is such a joy to be in their lives. Whenever I pull up to the school or the kids walk by my office they all yell, “TEACHER MADI! TEACHER MADI! TEACHER MADI!” on repeat. It is for sure a great self-esteem booster even if it is slightly disruptive to their teachers. 🙂


Our Preschoolers gathering materials for an art craft. 

Since I am not teaching this year and am in the administrator role of the school, I am not constantly in the kids’ classrooms so I love to sit in from time-to-time or play with them on the playground during their recess. It is just amazing to me how they are little sponges that soak up everything. It is so fun to listen to our Kindergarteners ask deep questions about their Bible stories and their want to know more about the Word. We are fortunate that our school has the freedom to be able to share, openly, about Jesus and the Bible to all our students and families. I love seeing their art work everywhere and their seedlings on the sidewalk. Our school is on a beautiful property with lots of natural learning resources so our kids’ Science is very hands on from nature walks to pick leaves for painting to planting little bean seeds in cups on the sidewalk. My teachers are so creative and I am very proud to have them teach our kids in such a fun, hands-on style that I know is very important.



Our parents revived these beautiful quilts made and donated by Nancy Shuler as rewards. 

We had our first Family Sports Day in October. It was a great way to get the families involved and let our kids show what they have been learning in their P.E. classes for the first half of the year. Each class preformed a cheer/dance/gymnastics routine, we had a soccer tournament, fed everyone lunch, played tug-of-war and had sack races (even the parents had their turns which was hilarious for all). We ended the day with prizes and special rewards for families who have had no absents on their volunteer days at the school.



The Preschool tug-of-war game got pretty intense! 

After having our sports day and hanging out on our playground with the kids (we have five swings and a little climbing gym) I have been thinking about how beneficial and fun more playground equipment would be for the school. I would love to get a nice playground set with monkey bars and plenty of things to climb on so the kids can continue to develop their gross motor skills and imaginations. If anyone would like to contribute to the playground or has any leads on some good deals, please let me know! You can send in a check to Kids International Ministries (P.O. Box 1369 Lawrence, KS 66044) and just stick a note in with it saying it is for Paglaum Learning Center playground or something like that. Or go to to make a one-time donation; just select Paglaum Learning Center on the drop down box.


Having ‘tea time’ with some of the Kindergarten girls.


Thank you to everyone who prays and supports the school! We are so grateful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


One thought on “December 2016 Update

  1. Beautiful letters as always…

    Thank you Madi.

    Great talking to your mom today.

    So sorry for all the miss communication and failure to be good leadership and help to you these past two years.

    Thank you for praying for the kids, the board, the new possible Board etc.

    I am off to see Jun now who was up here in the hospital for chemo.



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