August Update


Classes started June 21st. We have 60 preschool and kindergarten students! Our staff has grown from 2 to 6! This year we have three teachers, a cook, an administrative assistant, and a volunteer P.E. coach. The school would not be the same without any of them. God has blessed the school greatly with a staff who truly loves all our kiddos and show Jesus’s love to them every day. This is one of the things that I prayed for…not just for a good staff with respectable credentials and experience but a staff that truly cares for our kids as much as I do.


Our parents working hard on finishing their education. 

This school year has begun with a lot of change and a lot of new. We are in a new, beautiful building with three classrooms! This has allowed us to have a Kindergarten room, a Preschool room, and an office/parents’ programs room. On top of adding Kindergarten this year, we also added a program for our parents to obtain their elementary or high school diplomas and we have 13 moms and dads enrolled! It is so cool to walk from one classroom where I see the mom’s studying and then just right next door, their little kiddos are studying too! We were also able to build a small kitchen, storage room, and a covered eating area behind the school. These may seem like simple additions but they make a huge difference in helping the school run smoother and keeping the classrooms clean and organized.



Our kids LOVE their P.E. class!

Probably our kid’s favorite addition (and maybe mine) to the school is P.E class! Each class has a 30 minute outside play period everyday so we decided to have P.E. twice a week during this time. A good friend of mine who has volunteered and worked at our orphanage in the past asked me if we needed help at the school with anything and he brought up the idea about having P.E. class and I loved the idea! When I was in school, I lived for P.E. class. It was my time to shine and I want our kids that might struggle with the academic part of school to be able to have an outlet where they are the kids that are having an easy time. It has been amazing to see our shy kids come out of their shells and run around the soccer field yelling and laughing. Like me, running and laughing is therapy for our kids.



My sweet girl hanging out in my office at school.

A prayer request that I have shared before has been answered; my sweet precious baby girl is getting adopted! She was matched with a family in Sweden! It Is not completely official but if everything goes smoothly, she will be with her forever family in a few months. I have been having some pretty bitter sweet emotions about this.  I am so thankful that God allowed me to love her for her first two years of life. I have been there for a lot of her ‘firsts’ and it breaks my heart knowing that I won’t be there for the rest of her ‘firsts’ in life but I am so thankful that God has answered my prayers by providing this family to be her family.


I am currently in the States for a month for health problems. I have shared a little about how I have been sick with Lyme Disease for a few years 13510812_1071084276297215_3108695151556988224_nnow but after seeing all my doctors in May, they decided I needed a more aggressive treatment to try and get the bacteria out of my body. So long story short, I had a PICC line placed in my arm beginning of June while I was in the Philippines. It is so wonderful how it all worked out in God’s timing. I knew that this treatment would make me feel sicker before it made me feel better but it held off for the beginning of the treatment and I was still able to function pretty much full speed when we were setting up the school for the beginning of the year. Now that I am in the States, the treatment has been making me feel not so great, but it just shows me God’s hand and timing in everything and I am so grateful for this.

I want to thank all of you who pray for our ministries, for our kiddos, and for me. Our big prayer request right now is funding for the school. We are in need of more student sponsors to keep the school running. And please also pray for my personal health.

13654377_1095695467169429_6774851508705281083_nA few sponsors have asked me if they can send their student gifts or packages. If you wanted to do that, I am in the States until September 8th so you can mail me something at my parent’s address in Kansas and I can take it back with me. Just email me ( to get the mailing address and so I know to expect something. I also have a ‘wish list’ of items/school supplies that the school is in need of if anyone is interested, I can get you that list.