January-February Update

Well it has been a while since I have posted my last blog. As always, I have been extremely busy the last two months so this blog will be kind of an update on what’s up here in Malaybalay.

The preschool is still going great! IMG_7289Last month, I spent hours upon hours putting together a portfolio/ application to have Paglaum Learning Center accredited for kindergarten this coming school year that starts in June. And praise God that the Department of Education said everything looks good and they would submit it to the region for the final stage. We have been working on this for 6 months so it is a relief to finally have it out of my hands and with DepEd. They said the regional DepEd will visit sometime in March to see our building and give the final go ahead.IMG_8165

Speaking of the building, it is almost finished!! Thank you to all who prayed for the finances and construction of the classrooms. When we talked about how much it would cost to build, I was very stressed out and didn’t see how I would be able to raise more than $40,000. But the funny thing was when I finally accepted that I could not raise the money and that I just needed to trust God, HE provided in a way that I could not imagine.


The kids were very excited to see their future classrooms!

An Australian team of more than 20 came for two weeks in January and practically built the whole school. When they were here, I would go out to the property where the school is and every day there were major progresses on the building. It was just amazing to see how hard this team worked literally from sun up to sun down. I am so thankful that they were willing to spend their time helping build this building that will be used to serve the children and people here for years to come. I cannot even begin to imagine all the purposes God has in store for this building that so many have had a part in completing.

Another team from Ohio came two weeks ago on a medical mission. They spent a few days in Tacloban (the city that was hit the hardest by Typhoon Yolanda in 2013) and then they came to us to spend two days diagnosing, treating, and loving on our people here in Malaybalay.  We are so grateful that they came; it was very eye opening to see how sick our people actually are and how even if they have somewhat serious cases, they simply cannot afford to go to a doctor. The team left a bunch of medications that we can use to help our people in the future.


Sibling Love

One thing that has been going on, that I cannot give much detail, is that we have to make some big changes at the children’s home here. The government evaluated our home and had some issues with how some of our children have been with us for too long and that they have not been adopted. Some of our kids have complicated cases that make adoption very difficult making it take a long time to process all of their papers. Because of the government agency concerns, we have to move some of our older children to homes that are meant for long-term living for older kids or find foster families for them. This is obviously very hard on the kids since this is their home and it has been for a long time. It is also very emotional for me and the other adults who work for the home or help run it. I am trying to trust God that He has a perfect plan for these kids but it is none-the-less very emotional for me. Please pray for our children, God’s timing, and for me as these changes occur in the coming months.