December Update

IMG_7840It has been a pretty long time since I wrote my last blog so I will try and update you all on what has been going on the last two months or so. It is a little long but I guess it’s worth the last two blogs I never did.

I have been busy with the preschool, children’s home, and traveling. I had the opportunity to go to Australia towards the beginning of November! I stayed with my friend, Rose, who just had her first baby and we spent a lot of time exploring Perth, shopping, and talking. I was able to speak at two churches as well when I was in Perth which was good exposure for the ministry! On my way back to the Philippines, I had a longer layover in Singapore so I got to go out in the city for a couple of hours and sight see. It was so fun to see all these new places and meet a lot of new people!

IMG_7724Last week we broke ground on the new classrooms for the next school year! It is so exciting to see this finally happening after planning it for the last year. We will have two classrooms, one for pre-k and one for kindergarten. Today, two accreditation people from the Department of Education came to visit the land and our current classroom. They said everything looks great and are very excited to see the school grow in the future and how we will be able to serve the kids that attend. They said that all my application papers are looking good so far and we are on track for getting accredited for the next school year in June! They also said that it will be really easy for me to add grade 1, 2, 3 etc. which is a little overwhelming but we will see what God has in store. It is so amazing to see God work though all of these things.IMG_7870

Last week I also started a Bible study for the younger teenage girls from our children’s home (ages 11-13). We will be working through the Bible study, A Daughter’s Worth, by Ava Sturgeon every Friday afternoon. I think it will be really great to be able to talk with these girls about their true worth and how valuable and precious they really are no matter what anyone else tells them. Please pray for the girls and for me while we work through this study. I am usually focused on younger aged kids so doing this with teenaged girls is a little out of my comfort zone but I think it will be really good for all of us to learn about our worth to God as His daughters.

IMG_7618The preschool is doing great and all the kids are learning and growing so much! It is so fun to be able to get to know them each and see their individual personalities come through in class and in their work. One of our students dropped out of school three months ago. His grandmother was tired of taking him to meet the van and did not see the point in why he should be going. We tried to explain how much he was learning and how much he loved school but she would not change her mind. I had sent him home with some paper, pencils, and crayons so that maybe he would continue to learn a little even if he was not going to school. Two weeks ago, he just showed up at school with his grandmother. I was confused and asked the grandmother why he was back at school and she said that she had to bring him back because he has been begging her to bring him back to school for the last month and would not stop asking. I love how this little four-year-old has such a passion for learning and going to class. He has slipped right back into his class as if he never left. Please continue to pray for all of our students and for the funds of our building project.IMG_7648

Some other prayer requests I have are for the adoptions of a few of our kids from the children’s home. I had mentioned previously about how a sibling group (ages 7, 11, and 13) are waiting for a family to be matched with. Please continue to pray for these kids that they will be matched with a forever family. Another adoption that is in the works is of a little 13 month old girl who has a special place in my heart. She came to us at less than two weeks old after she was found abandoned at birth and spent a few days in a hospital. I named her when she came to us as a tiny precious baby and she now calls me mama. She has all of her papers finished and is waiting for a match either domestically or internationally. Please pray that she is matched with a loving family that will care for her and love her as much as I do.


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