Guest Blog From My Dad

blog 2Here is a new blog finally (I will really try and post more often)! ūüôā About a month a¬†go, my parents visited for a little more than a week. My dad wanted to do a guest blog thing so here is his blog about his time here:

This is Madi’s dad, Doug.  After our recent trip to spend time with and serve alongside Madi I asked her if I could write her next blog entry.  Hopefully she doesn’t edit me too much! We are so proud of our once shy, but now adventurous baby girl!  What an impact she is making on the lives of impoverished Filipino children and their families!  blog 4We had the privilege of seeing her learning center in action and helping out by playing and reading with the children.  They are such adorable kids.  By working with these children, Madi is able to get to know their families and hear of their needs.  There are great needs in this community which sometimes Madi is able to help with and sometimes not.

blog 1We saw how she helped one little boy who had a really nasty rash on his head from lice or just bad hygiene.¬† She sent him home with Neosporin and when we saw him the next week his little head was all healed up!¬† One mom, who is pregnant, wants to volunteer to help out where needed every day of class so that she can eat with the children in order to provide good nutrition for her new child on the way.¬† And finally, the adorable baby that Madi has taken under her wing since arriving there who was abandoned by the garbage dump¬† had a bout with dehydration from a virus and was hospitalized for 2 ¬Ĺ days while we were there to receive fluids.¬† Madi and Angie spent the whole time in the hospital with her (even though they eventually caught what the baby¬†had)! ¬†She recovered and is doing great.¬† Three neat¬† stories with happy endings.

blog 3Another story, but with an unhappy ending concerned a mother of one of Madi’s students who had a younger child who died from probably the same virus that the baby experienced.   The family waited too long to take their baby to the hospital because they did not have the money to pay the hospital.  This happened shortly before Madi’s Learning Center began.  We are hoping that as Madi gets to know these families better, this kind of sad story will hopefully have a happier ending.