Big Days and Hard Days


Monday was a big day; we had opening day of Paglaum Learning Center and parent orientation for this school year! All of the moms of the students were very excited after seeing the classroom set up. It was so encouraging to see the moms’ faces full of joy and hope because their children will be getting an education early in life! Thank you to all who have supported the opening of the school by praying and sponsoring students! Our first full day of classes were yesterday and the kids had a lot of fun!

Like I have mentioned before, I also help out at the orphanage here a lot and it has just been really emotionally hard these last two weeks.

We received a new little girl who is a year and nine months old but she looks like she just turned one. She was extremely malnourished and her mom decided it was best for her child to have the chance of being adopted and living in a place that can take care of her and feed her. It took a few days for the little girl to even show a smile because she was having such a hard time adjusting.

One of our older girls, who had lived with her grandmother since she was a baby and came to the orphanage when she was seven, went to visit her birth mother for the first time ever.  When the girl went, even though her mother knew she was her child, she refused to accept her as her own. This was really hard for our girl because she has always been praying for an adoptive family but is getting too old and now her own mother will not accept her. Since then, I have noticed she has been more reserved and I know she is hurting so much inside.

Last week, a mom that decided to give up her baby at one month old came to visit and after seeing her baby, she started crying and walked away and did not come back.

Today we will be receiving a foundling two month old baby boy. A foundling is a child that has been abandoned and there is no information about whose child it is. Two of our babies right now are foundlings that were found in the garbage. I do not know this baby’s story but I cannot image the pain his mom is going through right now.

I have seen a lot of these stories here in the Philippines and it can start to seem normal but I just cannot ignore it. Please pray for these children’s little hearts. And also please pray for the parents, both the parents that gave them up or abandoned them and the possibility that these children will have a forever family someday with parents who treasure them. And pray for me, that I can be there for the children when they are hurting and show them the love of my Savior.


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