It’s Almost School Time!

Paglaum Learning Center will officially open on June 29 provided we can get the container of preschool supplies shipped from the U. S. that is sitting in the bay waiting for paperwork. We changed the name because we felt like learning center described what we want to accomplish more than the word preschool. We will have 26 students who will attend our pre-k classes. We will also have four students who will attend the public kindergarten; we will pay for transportation and school supplies costs, and provide tutoring for them so they can do well since they have no education preparation.

We are going to use one of the existing buildings that we have remolded until we can start building our new classrooms. I was able to raise $1,500 of the $32,000 while being back in the States this last month for the new building and talked to a pastor at a church that might be interested in helping out in a bigger way for the building.

We also now have almost all of our students monthly sponsored!! There are just a few students left to be sponsored $35 monthly. The pictures below are of those students remaining. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these students, email me at and I’ll get you all the info. Your $35 a month sponsorship covers this child’s uniform and school shoes; lunch and snacks; transportation to and from school; school supplies; supplies for a class party on their birthday; and part of their teacher’s salary.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me and for this ministry. Also, thank you to everyone who has donated to the building fund and who has started monthly sponsoring a child for this school year!

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