Change of Plans

1IMG_6421The last couple of weeks have been very busy for me…like always. We had an international high school come from Taiwan for a week and they helped with our first ping pong tournament and they also ran our three day soccer camp for our kids! It was great having them here and they were such a blessing to the kids.1IMG_6465

There are a lot of preschool preparations that are in the works right now. We had preschool sign up and right now we have 24 students signed up (these pictures are of a few of them)! I am sure we will add a few more before school starts to get to the 30 students I think we can handle. I am in the process of getting registered under the Department of Education here in the 1IMG_6408Philippines so that the preschool can be accredited and this year can count as kindergarten for our older children.  We have two six, almost seven year olds, that have not been to school at all so please pray we figure out the best situation for them to start their schooling.

A huge change in the plan is that we have decided not to use one of our already existing buildings for the school, but to start building a permanent structure that in the future we can add on to. The previous building I had in mind needs a lot more 1IMG_6432renovations than I had originally thought and it is not in the safest part of the land so we think it is wiser to spend the money on our permanent building. The idea right now is to build two classrooms and for sure have one class but maybe add another if I have enough sponsorship IMG_6339for adding more children and hiring another teacher. I will find out in a few days what the estimate of the building will be. Please pray for me and the others making the decisions for the building and please pray for the fundraising for the building and monthly student sponsorships.