December Update

IMG_0346This blog is just an update of what is going on here in Malaybalay. As most of you have seen, there was another super typhoon that went through the Philippines. We were safe down here, but the central and northern islands got hit. It is still raining very hard and flooding in the Manila area.

It is a crazy time here as we are preparing for our huge Christmas party on December 20th…that is in about 10 days!! Our kids are working hard on learning their Christmas songs and our volunteers are doing everything possible to prepare for this big event. We have gotten some donations from the U.S.  that are helping pay for the food and presents for all the people that will come. IMG_0404Thank you to everyone who donated and are praying for this event!

I am still working with my three to six year old kids learning numbers and letters. This last Saturday I taught a kid how to form the number ‘8’ for the first time and his face has beaming with success after he wrote the number on his own for the first time. These little moments give me so much joy.

Another big thing is that I get to come ‘U.S. home’ in less than two weeks!! I am so excited to see my family, friends, and supporters. I plan on hosting a dinner or desert time at my house for anyone who is interested in what I have been doing and will be doing. I will have stories, millions of pictures, and I will be cooking some Filipino dishes for you all to enjoy. I would love for anyone who is available to come! I do not have a set date yet but am thinking a Sunday evening, probably the 4th or 11th of January. IMG_0415I will confirm a date soon.

Again, thank you all for your support and prayers! I could not do what I do without you all! My prayer requests are: Christmas party, safe travels back home, the people affected by Typhoon Ruby, that I can finalize some things about the upcoming preschool before I leave, and wisdom on the preschool as well.