Christmas Party!

10562623_10203856197557423_5884709783467217094_o (1)Every year Mt. Moriah, one of the organizations I work with, does a Christmas party for around 2,500 people! Most of the people that come cannot afford to have a special Christmas dinner or presents for their families. Christmas is HUGE in the Philippines. They start decorating for Christmas in September and you can hear Christmas music playing in the malls in September too, that’s how big it is here. This is why our party is so amazing. Living in a culture that loves Christmas so much but not being able to afford to celebrate it is very sad and makes the holiday season hard for people. Our first purpose for the party is to be able to share the gospel with the thousands of people that come and our second purpose is to provide a party with a special meal and gifts for them and their families.

On December 20th we will start very early in the morning (4 am!) and begin to send out vehicles to pick up the families from their communities. As guests arrive, we will have games and activities to entertain them and give out prizes and snacks. Once everyone has arrived we will begin our program by having a unicycle show. IMG_8301Then the kids that come to our AWANA and Outreach Program will perform their Christmas songs that they have been working on for the past few months. We will then do a skit that shares the Gospel acted out by our different leaders. After the program is done we will split the people up into small groups and have our leaders and leaders from various churches and other Christian organizations that we partner with lead people through the main points of the skit and explain more what the skit means. This is a great way for the leaders to be able to ask them about their relationship with Jesus or if they would like to have one. Once small groups are finished we will serve lunch and give out gifts!

For lunch we will be serving the ever so loved fried chicken, pansit (a Filipino noodle dish), lumpia (similar to a spring roll), and of course what meal would be complete without rice. In the gifts we will put a clothing item, different types of food, and hopefully some hygiene items and toys. The more donations we get, the more things we will be able to put into the gifts.

IMG_8403To cover one person’s meal and their Christmas present, it costs just five dollars! To be able to make this party a success, we need help from people that are willing to donate to bless these people for Christmas. And of course the most important thing that we need is prayer. Our specific prayer requests are: that we will raise the funds to buy everything needed; safe travels for when we are picking up and taking the people home to and from the party; that the leaders will be able to share the Gospel with the people and that many come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior; strength for the leaders and volunteers to be able to make it through this next busy month of preparing for the party; that we will be able to be a blessing to all the people that come; and that all the people will feel God’s love for them.

Here are the ways you can help:

  1. To send in support by check, you need to make the check out to Kids International Ministries or KIM and mail it to KIM,  P.O. Box 1369, Lawrence, KS, 66044. Include a note along with the check indicating the intention of the check is for support of Mt Moriah Christmas Party in Malaybalay.
  2. To give online through credit card, follow this link:KIM Credit Card Donation. You will need to fill out the quantity with the amount of money you would like to send for your support. In the drop down menu select Community Projects, you can type in Mt Moriah Christmas Party later in the process. Add to cart and then select checkout. On the bottom left of the page for checkout is a box for Message and Comments – in the Message and Comments box you need to type in “Mt Moriah Christmas Party, Malaybalay.” Note, any credit card donations will have a credit card fee of 5% of the amount donated.
  3. If you are interested in a monthly donation here is the link to the withdrawal form: KIM Automatic Bank Withdrawal Donation Form.  After filling out the form you can scan it and email to me,, or mail the form to KIM, P.O. Box 1369, Lawrence, KS 66044.