Moving to the Philippines!!

I have some exciting news to report. I have been approved to be a long term missionary with Kids International Ministries! Since I was four years old, I have been going on short trips to the Philippines with family every few years. I went back in March of 2013 and really felt the call to be there long term. So, I spent this past fall living in the Philippines to test it out and really see if I belonged there. I felt like God confirmed to me that He wants me in the Philippines!

Madi Senior Slide Show 040I will be living in the city Malaybalay on the island Mindanao. For the first two years or so, I will be learning the language and culture and taking online classes for an Early Childhood Studies degree through California Baptist University. While doing these studies, I will be helping out with the children’s home of about 25 kids and helping with village outreach (going out to rural villages and help by bringing food and having Bible studies with the adults and Bible studies, games, and singing with the kids). I will also be a part of the AWANA program every Saturday. At the AWANA program, we bring in 200 plus people to the Mt. Moriah camp sight and split the kids up into age groups to do games, worship, and Sunday school/ Bible studies. The adults have their own Bible study and small groups at the same time. All of the families are fed and are sent home with food to help them throughout the week.

My long term vision is to create an enrichment center where young children will receive nourishment and a spiritual and educational foundation that will help give them a future and break the cycle of poverty. My goal is to help young children develop physicallymentally, and spiritually.Here are some of my ideas on how to meet that goal:IMG_5152


  • Help provide proper nutrition (full bellies, proper vitamins, medical check-ups, and safe water).
  • Teach mothers/ caregivers how to help children excel physically starting from birth.


  • Teach them how to use their imagination.
  • Encourage well-developed speech.
  • Teach counting, ABC’s, etc.
  • Develop a love for reading and learning.
  • Provide crafts and other activities to help develop fine motor skills.


  • Teach in a Christian atmosphere.
  • Share the Gospel and teach the Word of God.
  • Let each child know they are a precious and loved child of God.
  • Teach each child that they matter.

IMG_1136My goal date to leave is August 12th! To be able to stay over in the Philippines, I need prayer and financial support to keep me going. I need $1,400 in monthly support. Examples would be: 1 partner at $250, 5 partners at $100, 8 partners at $50, and 10 partners at $25.

If you cannot support me financially, I would still love to add you to my email list so you can keep updated on what is going on in my life and know what specific things for which I need prayer. Just email your contact information at

Here is the link to the donation website for Kids International Ministries:!donate/c1ghi

  • You can donate by mailing a check to Kids International Ministries at: Kids International Ministries P.O. Box 1369 Lawrence, KS 66044. Just add my name on the memo line so that it will go to my account.
  • You can give by having an automatic withdrawal from your bank account. On the website donation page there is a form for this.IMG_5324
  • You can also donate with a credit card (but there will be 5% of your donation taken out because of credit card fees). This information is also on the website donation page. Once you click on the link on the donation page, you can choose my name under the full-time missionaries.

Let me know if you have any question or would like more information!

My phone number is: 785-727-5021 and my email is: