ImageThis is Juvalyn and PJ. They are from Angono, an area that was hit by a typhoon in 2011 and is still dealing with flood waters and many people are still living in an evacuation center. This is where we do feedings on Mondays and Fridays.


Juvalyn and PJ are so full of joy and laughter. They love getting their pictures taken and taking pictures themselves. Juvalyn has mastered how to take a picture on my big Cannon Rebel…which sometimes adults don’t even know how to use…and she is only four! I think I’ve got a future photographer here. The other thing they love to do is play tag. I pretty much spend most of the feeding running around chasing them like a crazy person as they run away giggling and screaming. They are such precious children of God that just love to laugh and be loved.


Typhoon Relief

As many of you have heard in the news, one of the largest typhoons recorded in history has hit the Philippines…and the damage is as big as the storm. It is heartbreaking to hear of all the pain people are experiencing. The organization I am working for here (Kids International Ministries) is in the process of making a difference down in Tacloban, one of the cities that got hit the worst. Their long term goal is to set up somewhere more permanently to help with food, water, medical, and rebuilding. We have already sent teams down to Tacloban and are sending more people down in the upcoming days. The need is unimaginable…thousands are dead and millions are suffering immensely. We are trying to raise as much money as possible to help these people. Every cent donated goes 100% to those hit by the typhoon. Please help in any way you can. Also, please help by sharing this with everyone you know…even if you cannot donate, maybe they can!

ImageIf you cannot donate…PRAY! Pray for the pain this country is going through. Pray for the starving people in areas unreachable due to the storm. Pray for the children who are now orphans and have no one to call mommy or daddy. Pray for the mothers and fathers mourning the loss of their children. Pray for those who need medical treatment but cannot receive it. Pray for the mental trauma these children have from experiencing so much death all around them.

Prayer is a powerful thing. Do not underestimate it.

Here is the link to my fundraising page:

Please help me reach my goal of raising 10,000 dollars!

Love that has no Limits


Spending hours on end with six toddlers, a 1-year-old, a 6-month-old, and a 1-month-old, teaches you a lot. One of the things I have learned is spit up really is not that bad. I have gotten to the point where even if I have spit up all over my shirt…it’s not a good enough reason to change.

At the end of the day, no matter how horrible the toddlers have been, how much spit up I have on my shirt, or how little sleep I had from doing night shift the night before, there is always one thing that makes it all better. Goodnight kisses. The toddlers usually cry and scream about going to bed, but once they calm down I always hear, “Tita! Tita! Tita Madi…Madi…Madiii…Titaaaa Madiiiiii!” coming from their room. And all they want is a hug and to give me a goodnight kiss on the cheek. I love these kids so much. So many times the littlest things they do just melt my heart. Their love has no limits.


I think that is why I love working with little kids so much. They do not care what you look like, they do not care what your past is, and they do not care if you are perfect. I think sometimes people need to take a step back and love like a child. Forget what society says about how a person should look. Just forget about someone’s past, and love them for who they are now. Forget the false idea that a person can be perfect, and take them as they are. One does not have to live a ‘perfect life’ to change the world. You can look through the Bible at all the people that have been used by God that did not live the ‘perfect life’ that so many people think is required to be used by God. Paul is the perfect example. If you look at his life before he became a Christian, he was on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of sharing the Gospel and leading people to Christ, Paul killed Christians. He killed them. If God can use Paul to do such great things for Him…He can use anybody. A child’s love is similar to God’s love. What you have done does not affect their love for you. Their love has no limits. If you love without limits once in a while, you never know what could happen.